lineup and map

lineup and map

The youth of Orlando West and South Africa refuse to forget where we come from. We commit ourselves to remembering and recalling our history, of those who fought with dignity and unwavering rebellion. Join us for the weekend of June 16 2014 from Friday the 13th to Monday the 16th to remember, honour and take forward the struggle for liberation.

Running from Friday 13 June to Monday 16 June, each day from 10am – 6pm, the weekend’s activities will be divided into five (5) experiences. Guided by the theme, ‘We Remember…’, the programme for the day will be contain the following elements:

Memory Circle (Saturday, 14 June: 12:00-16:00): As we seek to remember, we reach to those who know to guide our remembrance. The memory circle creates the space for members from our community who were involved in June 16 1976, to tell the story about the Uprising.

Sound experience (Sunday 15 June & Monday 16 June: 15:00-20:00): This stage promises the best that South African hip-hop and street art has to offer. Live bands, mc’s and DJ’s will collaborate to provide the audience with the freshest sounds in locally, indigenous and socially conscious music.

Aerosoul Movement (all weekend): South Africa’s finest aerosol Picasso’s will spend the weekend transforming the walls surrounding the community park into a street art gallery. Mural work will also contribute to the theme, ‘We Remember…’

Indigo Market (all weekend): This is a space where people can sell, take and give items. In remembering how we used to trade before the arrival of money; Indigo Market creates a space where people can have an alternative to the commercial retail outlets and have a space they can be proud to display their work. The Mahala Market is an ideological component of the overall market. Here people can take things that are available and express their gratitude in the best possible way.

Ghetto Cinema (Saturday after dark): An outdoor projection of socially relevant films. This will include a projection of a never before screened footage produced by the youth of 1976 themselves.

On June 16 2014, the youth of Orlando West will once again create a rallying point for those who believe that a new world is not only possible, but already in the making.

We invite you to spend the day in grateful acknowledgement of the ones who came before and in active pursuit of the instructive example they left as a legacy.


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