kgantsha ho kganye is a not for profit public art project that creates safe, beautyful and engaging spaces of play and recreation for the youth of southern african townships. organised by imbawula trust the project is committed to evoking community memory in the interest of building a dialogue between the young and the old of our communities.

about imbawula trust

imbawula trust (1977/2003) is a not for profit, beneficiary made up of street artists and social activists; artivists, from various townships in southern africa. formed in 2003, the trust is guided by its vision that is:

“to create innovative platforms for new and emerging talent from southern africa’s streets and townships. to sound a social fire alarm to the social ills in our communities.”

about kgantsha ho kganye

the term kgantsha ho kganye is a sotho phrase. Loosely translates as “light up my light”. through lighting, we are lit. we take instruction from the legacies of the youth of june 1976. those who fervently believed that learning never stops; that those who teach should learn; and that how we spend what is ours is a powerful act we should use to empower our communities.

the project aims to rehabilitate neglected and unsanitary spaces into vibrant community resources. using all forms of art; sculptures, graffiti, photography, dance, publications, new media; we recreate our townships into public art galleries that teach the young about the history of their area, as they imagine where to next. we are practical. we clean, recycle and maintain. throughout what we do we try to share, develop and nurture skills.


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