still we rise – 16 june 2013

the struggle against apartheid in south africa is divided by the 16th june 1976.  under the wing of the black consciousness movement, the soweto student’s representative council insisted that they should have control over the education they receive.  what began as a protest march became an uprising that resonated with youth across the country.  under the rally call of “liberation now, education later!” activists were prepared to sacrifice everything in their quest for freedom.

this weekend we pick up the spear that has especially been left for us. in soweto, kgansta ho ganye sound a social fire alarm evoking the memory of how powerful the people of this country, the azainians, are.  we recall how at our command whole communities were rendered ungovernable and entire economies crashed.  we remember that until we have the power to govern all aspects of our lives – we are not free.

the programme is for the 15, 16 & 17 june 2013.  on all three days we will painting on walls, playing beats and hosting the indigo market and popup shops.  on the 16 june we will be facilitating the annual memory circle at spanish inn, soweto @ 10:30 – corner of moema and kudu street.  this year we ask ourselves:  what education did you want in 1976 and how is this how is this relevant today?      



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