Process, processing,processor

Process is something that we all go through. Process would be the stages one goes through in order to reach a certain goal.

My process with Imbawula trust is personal to say the least. I give of myself in ways I could not have dreamt of 15years ago. As an activist now, looking back..all I see is how light has spread in me. We give in ways others would not and in turn love in ways others cannot dream of.

There is a direct connection with giving of yourself and time to a community initiative that reflects in ones personal and love life.

This is what I know:

Giving is receiving.

Let love live.

Unconditional love.

What I did physically do:

get up in the morning on weekends and sometimes weekdays.

catch two to three taxis to a school I have never went to, or a neighbourhood I have never lived in.

work with people I never would have known (if I had not worked in this area)

organise books, pick up books, shelf books, record books, paint walls, clean a classroom, move wooden shelve

work to turn a space into a library that kids, I will never know in my lif, can use to learn

This is the transformation:

Learning to love South Africans

Relearn that our teachers work hard for the nations education

Learn that not everybody can give in the same way

Everybody is an individual

Understanding that people who choose to wake up and assist in getting others educated and make a teachers life easier by providing another source of information and learning to complement their teaching are special and selfless

Know and understand that not everybody can care about people they do not know.

In this time I reflect on work we do in the community…I love that I am that person.

I am that person who is in a process….

learning to process ideas and information about people…

….I am a processor of light to others (pretty much like word processor but not digital…definately human)…


p.s: the library is going to be great!






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