Monthly Archives: July 2012

caught up in a south africa where lies are paraded as truths; where memories are distorted to strip and reassign power; kgantsa ho ganye sought to create a ‘memory knot’ on june 16 2012. through collective efforts, we attempted to make a protuberance of story, meaning and knowledge that would re-teach, and re-inform our youth about who we are by building a better understanding of where we come from.

the day began with a simple memory circle…a collection of individuals who came to share their stories and experiences about june 16 and about activism in southern africa…

forging of memory warriors

sikose mji, a student activist during the uprising, shared how it felt to be part of the movement;

“our whole lives were subjected to what the system wanted you to do. the uprising was like a relief from within. we wanted to exhale but we didn’t have the means…it felt like, thank you god, at last!”

from telling the story about what happened in 1976, the circle evolved to asking questions about what is happening in 2012.

school principle yvonne mabanga, informed the circle that in 1994, educational policy in south africa forced all schools to teach learners in english…a few years later this was changed, and then later changed again…

so if the fundamental issue of quality education in our country has not been addressed, why do we no longer care? why did the state of affairs enrage the youth of 1976 and yet today it doesn’t seem to move us? as the conversation changed and grew the circle stumbled upon the realization that the big change in the pre and post-1994 context was not an end to oppression and discrimination but rather a dissolving of the communities response and organisation against this oppression.

steeped in thought, having forged a new circle of memory warriors, the rest of the day was spent making new memories…creating new meaning around what it means to fight today…

an artRising…a salute from the youth of today, to the valiant soldiers who came before…the ones who would not forget and could not accept.

rekindling the fire of no surrender

we danced, sang, drew, planted trees, ate, drank and most importantly, we remembered…we reclaimed…

we free the people with music

to all those who came through…who gave of themselves, their art and their time; we say thank you and we invite you to take our hand as we move forward, as we now not only know, but act like we know.

creating a new story