Monthly Archives: June 2012

10h00 – 12h00:                   youth club t-shirt printing workshop in the park

12h00 – 14h00:                  memory circle in lebo’s backpackers 

14h00 – 15h00:                  jahm session in the park

16h00 – 20h00:                  movie screenings in lebo’s backpackers

16h00 – 20h00:                   sound expe­­­­­rience in the park

 all day activities

indigo market in the park

aerosoul movement in the park (bring your own paint, walls are plentiful)

bmx’ing & skatin’ in the street


we remember...June 16 ArtRising is an expression of the creative energy that burns in the spirit of Southern African youth who believe that art and culture are tools for social change.

We call our showcase an ArtRising: a cultural conflagration of artists from our streets and townships, who wage an unrelenting war against the social ills that have, and continue to plague our communities.

Street artists and organisations from across South Africa will use the day to showcas
e critically conscious and indigenous visual art, music and movement from the gutters. Through these various mediums they will articulate the issues that young people today grapple with and how it is we transcend the challenges we face.

We invite you to spend the day in grateful acknowledgement of the ones who came before and in active pursuit of the instructive example they left as a legacy.