reviving of the library media space

It was both fun & a tedious task from the 1st-8th April 2012 @ Thabisang Primary School in Orlando West Ext in Soweto where we set off with the idea to revamp the Library Media Space. When we first entered the classroom we weren’t sure if we were going to be able to, not just to clean but to arrange the mountains of books. Bonolo [The Beading Dancer turned media guide] Thato and Taryn took bravely to the task. We also helped our very own Graffiti artists [Ekse & Fang] with the colourful decorations on the wall just to give life to the Media Space Classroom. Years of under-use had turned the space into a storeroom for unwanted books and things and as we painted, rolled and sprayed our colours this suddenly blossomed with bright, Ndebele inspired, triangular colours on the wall. You can imagine the piles of dust that was in there not to mention the more than 1000 books the team had to arrange almost like factory stock taking. It was chaos.


Aluta Continua as we go back to finish-off the work we began. Having spent a week in the centre we’re now aware that we’ve just scratched the surface of what needs to be done before we actually start to fully operate the Library Media Centre. We are going to go back to the space but we also don’t want to disturb the day to day running of the school as the Library Media Space is in the premises of Thabisang Primary School. So our project will be an Extra-Mural Activity one which be informed by local, national and international best practice. The nice part about this whole process of Thabisang Primary School is almost every stakeholder at the school, principal, teachers, support staff, resides in the immediate community. Last but not least on a high note the school authorities promised us to be actively involve in the Library Media Space which will be a great thing because that way the community can join in as well [I want to show my gratitude to Taryn,Rasik,Fang,Skakrow,Thato,Bonolo,Tsietsi,Shimi & to those I didn’t mention may God bless you even more.

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