start where you are. use what you have. do what you can.

the chirping birds broke the spraycan infused trance…a quick glance at a cellphone through red eyes brought the day into sharper focus…06:30…the night had transformed into morning, a new day dawned…

as the little people stepped into their playhouse, their minds struggling to compute the transformation…their familiar surrounds had undergone a major facelift over the weekend…a purple elephant with a rainbow array of balloons, balanced on a bicycle while her body became a jungle gym for an assortment of animals, the imaginary and the real sharing one realm.

across the room, more balloons, a rainbow and a wise owl stands guard perched on a branch…

on another wall monkey takes a world-wind ride on the back of a zebra, holding his hand out for an octopus to join him as a smiling sun promises that its going to be a lovely day…

and below a turtle wearing a red top hat with a ghetto skyline for its shell, stands empty book cases waiting to welcome literary treasures…

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the image of love made real. a dream realised.

we’d begun the weekend with the dream of this moment and we’d managed to transform the little people’s playhouse and build a library.

while putting the final touches on the creche we’ve begun with building a media centre across the road at thabisang primary school. the space remains and open, unconditionally loving circle and we welcome all of those searching for a truly enlightening easter, to come through.

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