the aim of education shall be to teach the youth to love their people & their culture

inspired by this excerpt from the freedom charter, kgantsa calls out from our circle of love and faya, that not only life but quality of existence is our birthright. that our children entitled to dream, play and experiment.

from this insistence a number of inspiring moments have been birthed that we would like to share:

  • on 14 february, we were visited by rui sousa, a young children’s book illustrator who presented a workshop to two groups of grade 4 learners at thabisang primary, orlando west. presenting his work to the students rui began to lift the vail of majesty from the printed word. as the kids imagined unthinkable story lines he turned their words into picture before their eyes teaching the young students that knowledge does not only need to be consumed, but it is in our power to produce it. rui’s trip was organized by the portuguese government.

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  • the friends of the circle continues to grown; individuals or organisations that believe that the work that we do is important. Ulrich Katte, an individual who came to know about the project has made a personal cash donation to the passage project. we are now working on securing the outstanding material so that the project can be completed.
  • we submitted a very detailed proposal to the National Arts Council on 2 March and we are awaiting their response to our proposal.

more information to follow!

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