Monthly Archives: February 2012

thunder began to roll as we reached the Makabeni Street end of the passage. encouraged by eminent rain the pace of digging, raking, gathering, collecting, sorting and transporting of rubble, gained momentum so that all that you could hear was the grating sound of moving earth.

a day spent digging, with pick axes, spades and rakes was being acknowledged by mother earth who never forgets to say thank you. and as we offloaded the last rubble-filled wheelbarrow, the heavens opened and blessed the earth with fresh rains.

another day of a life worth living.

this Saturday, like all the Saturday’s to come, kgantsa ho ganye was on the ground, finding the level. having last week completed with the passage that stretches from Nkadimeng to Makabeni, we now began with the second block from Makabeni to Mampuru Streets.

as we work we remember that this is what we are destined to do. to use our bodies to build. to carefully uncover what lies in the sand, what has come before – to use these a guide for where we are going.  to smash inertia and skepticism with each strike of the pick axe. and replace these malice’s with a living, vibrant hope that believes because it is…it does…it must be…

to the people of Orlando West who stepped through, together we are stronger than anyone would have us to believe. sisonke.

this week (11 february) we will be at the passage stamping the ground with a roller and preparing for paving. everyone is welcome to not only add their hands but to learn and take from the experience.

to light, and be lit.

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