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7 january 2012

creating beautyful places out of forgotten spaces

showing love for our community, kgantsa ho ganye lit up the lite epasejini, kona nkadimeng street, orlando west, soweto, on saturday 7 january 2012…

a years worth of planning culminated in the roll out of south africa’s most honest, creative and activism driven arts initiative…

a group of young orlando west street artists delivered the message that we have the tools, abilities and knowledge to do for ourselves what needs to be done.

our plan is to beautify the ghetto, transform our neighborhoods into inspirational places to play, learn and grow old….

to write our stories on the walls that surround us, so that we’ll walk through our townships and see all of our beauty, potential and light.

about the passage

the passage is a popular walkway that runs from nkadimeng to mampuru street. it provides a valued short cut for pedestrians, mothers with prams or people transporting goods with wheelbarrows.

due to poor urban planning that is characteristic of south african townships, the passage has never been anything more than a rubble-lined, littered alleyway.

kgantsha ho kganye has begun the work of cleaning this passage and developing the infrastructure so that what is now an urban nuisance becomes a public art gallery.

on saturday we cleared all litter and rubble and are preparing the ground to begin laying out paving bricks. at present 3000 bricks have been donated to the project by the goethe Institute in a demonstration of their commitment to community-based initiatives.

after paving we paint the walls and decorate them with a mural that celebrates the history of our community. the mural’s prodcution will take the form of a workshop equipping our youth with the skills to take part.

currently we are in conversation with our ward councilor, pikitup, city power and the environmental management department to ensure that we have their support with the implementation of sustainable waste removal and lighting.

ons het a trap geler…die spear gevind…phambili…

contact us to be a part.

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